You Can Stay In A Fairytale Treehouse In North Carolina This Fall

Just add fairy dust.✨
North Carolina Airbnb In Asheville Is An Enchanting Forest Getaway

There's a cottage nestled in the Appalachian Mountains that's the ultimate fairytale dream. You can stay in this magical North Carolina Airbnb this fall and live like Snow White for a weekend. Bring your S/O for a spellbinding getaway deep in an enchanting forest in Asheville. 

This treehouse Airbnb tucked away in the North Carolina mountains is a peaceful glamping experience. You and your boo will feel like you've stepped into a storybook at this incredible place. 

The unique rental sits snugly in the woods by the beautiful French Broad River. It's the perfect spot to make a hot cup of tea and get comfy by the fire, so bring your coziest attire.

Plan a weekend trip at the treehouse this autumn before it's all booked up. You'll be relaxing in a scenic forest at twilight before you know it, just like in a fairy tale. 

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[rebelmouse-image 25996818 photo_credit="Outlander Cottage | Airbnb" expand=1 original_size="1326x990"] Outlander Cottage | Airbnb

About the Airbnb

The Outlander Treehouse Cottage is located on a picturesque nature preserve. This homey spot sleeps two and is perfect for a romantic mountain retreat with your better half.

The rental looks like it leapt off the page of your favorite bedtime story. The bedroom has a mirror on the wall for all your burning questions, plus a queen-sized bed for falling into an enchanted sleep.

Outside you can find a private firepit and outdoor shower that will immerse you in the gorgeous natural surroundings. You might even spot some wildlife during your trip.

The guest experience

Just cross a charming wooden bridge to enter this quaint and private cottage. The inside is bathed in soft, dappled light and the windows give you all the beautiful fall views.

In the morning, you'll be treated to a complimentary breakfast and coffee to wake up the right way. You can sit out on the front porch and enjoy your meal in this tranquil spot.

The rental has dozens upon dozens of amazing reviews, with 4.98 stars out of 5.

Cost and availability  

You can rent this one-of-a-kind spot for $155 per night before fees. If you go with your S/O or bring your bestie, it would be $77.50 each per night for two guests.

There is a two-night minimum stay at the Airbnb, so you can spend a weekend in the mountains. Or, spend a week at the cottage away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are several dates available for rent in November and December before winter officially arrives. You can check out the available days here and snag your spot early.

Fairytale Treehouse Cottage




Address or Neighborhood: Asheville, NC

Why You Need To Go: You can cozy up to your boo in this enchanting spot in the NC mountains.

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.