You Can Stay In A Fairytale Treehouse In North Carolina This Fall

Just add fairy dust.✨

There's a cottage nestled in the Appalachian Mountains that's the ultimate fairytale dream. You can stay in this magical North Carolina Airbnb this fall and live like Snow White for a weekend. Bring your S/O for a spellbinding getaway deep in an enchanting forest in Asheville. 

This treehouse Airbnb tucked away in the North Carolina mountains is a peaceful glamping experience. You and your boo will feel like you've stepped into a storybook at this incredible place. 

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This Hidden Forest Trail Is The Most Magical Hike In North Carolina

Live your own fairy tale.👑🌸

There's a secret path that winds through the Appalachian Mountains that looks like a real-life fairy tale. Craggy Pinnacle Trail twists and turns through a forest hidden on a misty mountainside. You can embark on this enchanting North Carolina hiking trail and feel like you're in a storybook. 

This gorgeous spot belongs at the very top of your hiking bucket list. You'll be treated to a picturesque journey through the mountains of the Tar Heel State, so be sure to take plenty of photos. 

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This Winding Forest Staircase Leads To A 120-ft Waterfall In North Carolina

Stairway to heaven.☁️️

The Tar Heel State is full of hidden passages and secret steps that you can explore this fall. You can discover Mingo Falls at the top of a winding forest staircase in Cherokee, North Carolina, and it's absolutely breathtaking. This North Carolina waterfall hike leads to a spectacular sight that you should totally add to your hiking bucket list. 

You can find Mingo Falls on the Eastern Cherokee Reservation, only an hour and 20 minutes outside of Asheville.

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You Can Stay In A Real-Life Magic Treehouse This Fall In North Carolina

Discover a castle in the sky. 👸

Fall has finally arrived and you can celebrate the season in an enchanting forest treehouse. This North Carolina Airbnb is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is surrounded by gorgeous autumn hues. Go glamping with your besties at this incredible spot for a memorable getaway. 

The luxury Airbnb is located in Asheville and is the perfect place for a girls' trip.

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There's A Natural Hot Spring Spa Hidden In This Dreamy North Carolina Forest

Soak in the forest views.🌲

There's a magical spot deep in Pisgah National Forest where you can soak in a hot spring. Hot Springs Resort & Spa offers naturally-heated mineral baths that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Head to this amazing place with your love this fall for a romantic retreat. 

If you're coming from the city, the spa is about a 45-minute drive from Asheville or a two hour and 45-minute drive from Charlotte. It's perfect for a weekend getaway with your boo. 

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There's A 'Wild West' Town In North Carolina & It's Got All The Red Dead Redemption Vibes

No cars allowed! 🐎

Have you been itching for a vacation fit for a cowboy? Maybe you've recently rewatched Tombstone or played Red Dead Redemption and it's giving you all the western wanderlust. If you reckon you love everything that's "wild west," you'll be pleased to know you won't need to travel across the states to enjoy that atmosphere. 

Tucked away in rural North Carolina, only a short drive north of Charlotte is the hidden gem known as Love Valley

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