You Can Ride This North Carolina Mountain Zip Line For Hours & Get All The Autumn Views

Fly above the autumn treetops 🍂
You Can Ride This North Carolina Mountain Zip Line For Hours & Get All The Autumn Views

Daredevils and adventure travelers have a new challenge to tackle: the Navitat Mountaintop Zipline Tour. This epic journey will have you zooming from peak to peak through the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Book the tour this fall and soar through the vibrant autumn leaves. 

Navitat's Mountaintop Tour is 3,600 feet long and has three epic zips to enjoy. The experience lasts up to two and a half hours, so you have plenty of time to soak in the seasonal views as you soar through the air. 

Get ready to reach incredible speeds of up to 65 mph on this thrilling journey through the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. The tour costs $99.95 per day and will be worth every penny. 

You and up to eight friends can take part in the adventure.  This unique side-by-side zipping experience lets you ride right next to your bestie on this wild ride to the mountaintops

You and your BFF can zip along next to each other for hours while you drink in the vivid fall surroundings. Between zips, you'll hike a few short and picturesque trails through the forest, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes. 

Navitat also has a private Treetop Tour that will send you soaring through the lush forest canopy. This famous zip line experience will make you forget the world while you zoom through the dense treetops. 

Enjoy the spectacular landscape of the Tar Heel State while you ride this incredible zip line. You'll be enchanted by the reds, oranges, and yellows along the way. 

Navitat Mountaintop Tour

Price: $99.95

Address: 242 Poverty Branch Rd., Barnardsville, NC

Why You Need To Go: Get show-stopping views of the North Carolina mountains without having to hike to the top. 

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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