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You never know what's going to go viral these days. That's what happened to one person from Connecticut whose "Downtown Canada" tweet sparked an entire Twitter trend. She also got a lot of backlash and now she is speaking out.   

Tavajia, who now goes by Ms.Downtown Canada on Twitter, told Narcity that the whole thing started as a joke and is speaking out about the hate she's received. 

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What was the "Downtown Canada" tweet?

On September 27, Tavajia shared a photo of one of her friends who was in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.

The caption she wrote said, "Downtown Canada wanna be Times Square so bad." 

Over the next few days, the tweet went viral with thousands of likes and other users quoting it. The phrase was even trending on the social media platform the next day. 

Many people were captioning their own Toronto pics as Downtown Canada, even major brands like Roots, Wendy's and Tim Hortons were jumping on the trend.

But a number of tweets were calling the original poster out for seemingly not knowing geography. 

What's the story behind it?

Now Tavajia is addressing the tweet and what's happened since. She told Narcity that the whole situation started with her making fun of her friend, who lives in Canada. 

"My original intention was to make a friend laugh since she’s from Canada and I’m from America, she’s always screaming how better Canada is than America. I simply just wanted to tease her because NYC Times Square and Yonge Dundas look alike," she said.

She even said she was just quoting her friend's original tweet with the now-iconic Downtown Canada line. 

"Since her caption said 'Downtown' I quoted it saying 'Downtown Canada' to share to my American followers so that they can get it," she explained. 

To make it super clear she also told Narcity "Yes, I definitely knew it was Toronto." 

What has the reaction been? 

While a number of the responses were light-hearted, Tavajia reveals in a new YouTube video that she's gotten a lot of hate over her tweet. 

Some of the posts she shared included phrases like "uneducated asf," "educate yourself because you look dumb," and "a whole country thinks you're stupid af."

She clapped back saying Toronto is basically Downtown Canada anyway and that she again knew what it was when she posted. 

However, some people have been more intense. She reveals that one person DMed her saying they hoped she gets coronavirus and calling her a bimbo.

She's not letting it get to her though. 

"I have not cried or got mad," she says in the video. 

When asked about the negative reactions, Tavajia told Narcity: "Honestly I am indifferent. I feel like we all have larger issues to worry about in this world." 

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