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'As A Canadian' Is Trending On Twitter After The U.S Debate & It's Hilarious

Canadians had alot to say.
As A Canadian' Is Trending On Twitter After The U.S Debate & It's Hilarious

Canadians are taking to Twitter to weigh in on what is already being called the worst presidential debate in history which played out in front of the world last night.

Head's up, it's hilarious. 

Last night the world, got front row seats to the very high profile and much-anticipated debate of the year between Republican leader Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Following the debate, social media went up in flames, seemingly just overnight, with their hot takes and what to make of it all.

Canadians were no exception here. 

From either breathing a sigh of relief that Canada isn't mixed up in as much drama to asking our country to take a good look in the mirror, the True North was not short on opinions.      

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When in doubt meme it out

Many Canadians are using humour to express how they feel towards our downstairs neighbours in lieu of the debate.

As a result, they are doing so in true social media form: memes.

Canucks alike have hilariously depicted their sentiments in the Twitter-sphere, one stating that they would like to disassociate with the U.S on the world map via a chainsaw. 

Others have used humourous gifs of famous Canadians shows to express how they felt watching the debate unfold.

U.S residents feel the same?

Even U.S residents played into the humour, with one saying that for Halloween this year they would be going as a Canadian while sporting a sweater and being "extra" nice to everyone.

"It’s a practice run for my eventual sprint north once Canada reopens the border to Americans," the tweet also read.

Taking a good look in the mirror?

Other Canadians used the Twitter trend in order to remind people that this country is far from perfect too.

Some said that Canada should refrain from judging the U.S and look at what is transpiring up here.

"As a Canadian, I think we need to stop being so smug about what's going on in the United States and look at the horrific racism that's happening right here," one Twitter user said.

Others chimed in and also said that the true north has a lot of work to do within its own borders as racism towards Indigenous and Black communities among other things "run rampant."

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