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You Can Turn Yourself Into A Human Burrito With This Cute And Cozy Blanket

So real you could taste it. 🌯
Senior Editor, Studio
You Can Turn Yourself Into A Human Burrito With This Cute And Cozy Blanket

If novelty items are your guilty pleasure, there’s a burrito blanket that will keep you warm and cozy as you binge-watch your favourite show on the couch. 

We found this Burrito Throw Blanket on Amazon and it’s under $30. It really does look like a real tortilla shell! 

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The blanket is 70-inches wide so it can cover up to two people if you share your living space with someone else. It’s super soft and won’t get all ugly in the wash—who wants a faded burrito, anyway?

There are 1,920 five-star reviews that shout out how warm the blanket is even though it’s made out of thin material. But you may have to fight your dog for it—dozens of people have uploaded photos of their pups dominating the blanket.

Rainbean Burrito Blanket

Price: $26.99

Details: A fun novelty blanket that will get a lot of use when you’re lounging at home and craving burritos. 

This Avocado Plush Toy makes a great accessory to the burrito blanket because we all know that guac is extra! 

[rebelmouse-image 26083385 photo_credit="Amazon" expand=1 original_size="300x300"] Amazon

You can use it as a pillow while you’re lounging on the couch or to add a pop of colour to your bedroom or home office. You can pick between the 40cm (15-inch) toy or the 30cm (12) toy that’s a few bucks cheaper at $28.99.

Rainbean Avocado Plush Toy

Price: $31.99

Details: This plushie doesn’t get mushy. 

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