Traveling to South Korea might sound impossible during a global pandemic, but lucky for you, some have brought authentic cuisines right to your neighborhood.

Korean Fried Chicken is the latest dining experience to attract foodies in DFW, and a new spot opened up just 40 minutes north of Fort Worth.

Gangnam Chicken opened its doors to the public just two weeks ago and kicked things off by completely selling out of food on its soft opening.

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South Korea has been obsessed with crispy fried chicken since the '70s.

Gangnam Chicken 

Fried Chicken isn't the only thing that will have your mouth watering.

The restaurant also serves bibimbap, a popular Korean rice dish, which is fully customizable.

They also successfully hopped on another huge trend in the area, serving various boba tea to pair with your fried chicken or bibimbap.... or why not both? 

Calling all matcha lovers, Gangnam Chicken offers not one, not two, but eight different matcha teas.

You only have five days a week to take lunch or dinner at Gangnam Chicken, as they now close on Sunday and Monday.

Gangnam Chicken 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Korean 

Address: 321 W. Hickory St., #100, Denton, TX

Why You Need To Go: Discover your new favorite fried chicken and taste some unique South Korean dishes.