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You Can Rent This New Airbnb In Actual Hell For The First-Time Ever

That's the name of the town!😱

This season, you can visit Hell and become mayor for the night. 

The "Mayor of Hell" Airbnb in Michigan will transport you to the gates of the underworld — not literally — for a night. 

Residents of Michigan can try and book a stay at noon EST on October 14, 2020, to stay on Oct. 18, 21, or 24.

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This Short Michigan Hike Will Lead You To The White Sands & Clear Blue Waters

Take a Caribbean vacation without leaving the mitten.

When you imagine walking on a beach at sunset with bright white sand and clear turquoise water, you might see yourself in Hawaii or the Bahamas, but you can do that in Michigan too. Fisherman's Island State Park has all of the natural wonders of a tropical beach with the benefit of only being a few hours away. It's an amazing day trip to take with your BFFs. 

Even though you will definitely feel the island vibes that the name indicates while you're visiting, it's actually a large section of Lake Michigan's coast. It gives miles of lake access that hasn't been spoiled by development or residences. 

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7 Spontaneous Day Trips From Detroit You Simply Can't Let Yourself Miss Out On

You won't have a dull weekend in sight after booking all these trips!

Sometimes the cure to being in a slump of any kind is to dedicating a day to explore someplace new. Luckily you now have this list of short road trips in Michigan that can guide you through that adventure. There's nothing like getting a new perspective by creating new memories with friends.

Get ready, because you will want to fill up all of your free days with these destinations once you're done reading. 

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This Amusement Park Is The Most Exhilarating Day Trip For Detroit Thrill Seekers

Make sure to put this on next summer's bucket list!

The dreary December weather probably has a lot of us counting down the days until summer. And with summer comes the opportunity for piling into a car with friends for a day trip. One trip you should consider is Cedar Point, which is only two hours outside of Detroit.

It's arguably the best amusement park in the Midwest and in 2020, they've got a lot of fun things planned for the park's 150th anniversary. One of those birthday activities is probably the most exciting giveaway of the year. 

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You'll Feel Like You're In A Fairytale At This Enchanting Castle In Michigan

Enjoy this French chateau right in the midwest!

Fairy tale castles & whimsical towers are something that might come to mind when you imagine Europe or an amusement park, but the middle of Michigan? It's probably not your normal picture of the midwest. If you're looking for unique things to do in Michigan, then visiting this castle is an excellent place to add to your bucket list.

The Curwood Castle is located in Owosso, Michigan and the inside of the building has been converted into a museum that covers the story of the castle & its previous owner, James Oliver Curwood.

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An Enchanting Rock Island Hidden In Michigan Feels Like Something Out Of Disney's 'Avatar'

Get ready to be transported to another world — like the floating mountains of Pandora.

While you wouldn't necessarily expect to find rock formations in Michigan some are hidden in the most beautiful of places. Turnip Rock proves that The Mitt has some of the best of nature's irregularities to offer. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, this beautiful sight is only three hours north of Detroit & will make you feel like you're on the floating mountains of Pandora from Disney's 'Avatar'. 

This gravity-defying rock tower offers some of the most enchanting sights in the entirety of The Mitt. The best part? It's free to visit & is the perfect spot for a summer road trip.

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