A Las Vegas Mansion Is Turning Into Barbie's World & It's A Pink Dream (PHOTOS)

Barbie's dream house! 👀💅
Graffiti Mansion In Las Vegas Is Turning Into Barbie's Dream House (PHOTOS)

If you think you've seen it all, this incredible home that doubles as a work of art might change your mind. IZADI's Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas is in the process of becoming Barbie's dream house, and you won't believe the photos. This iconic spot changes every few months, showing off many fresh new designs throughout the year.

A Las Vegas resident, Armani Izadi, started the incredible project during the Vegas Strong push after the October 1, 2017 shootings.

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During an exclusive interview with Narcity, Izadi explained that he already owned the mansion and was "inspired after the tragedy to try and help bring positivity back to Las Vegas by painting my house..."

The first graffiti designs displayed iconic paintings of Elvis Presley, the Raiders logo, and casino memorabilia (to name a few) as an ode to all things Vegas.

After the initial display, Izadi told Narcity, "I had no idea how big this would get."

From there, he began changing the mansion's graffiti themes.

It has since become everything from a "haunted" Halloween palace and a Christmas wonderland to a Fortnight dwelling.

The most recent project is turning the sprawling home into a pink mansion fit for Barbie herself.

With its rosy exteriors and interiors, this surreal abode is literally like something out of a fantasy.

Izadi gave Narcity a hint at his next project, saying it's "ganna be hugeeee."

Visitors can book the mansion out and stay in the decorated villa for a minimum of three days.

It can cost anywhere between $3.5k and $10k depending on the dates, as weekends can run at a higher rate.

Anyone wanting to see the newest designs can check out the artist's official Instagram, which features constant updates and videos of the creations.

So far, the "pretty in pink" residence looks like it came straight out of a Matel box, and new details are added regularly.

While home renovation has always been a favorite past time, this destination has taken it to a whole new level, and it is nothing short of spectacular.