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This Real-Life Ghost Town In Nevada Will Take You On A Haunted Summer Adventure

Ghostly sculptures are set up around the town.😯
Rhyolite Ghost Town In Nevada Will Give You All The Spooky Summer Thrills

October might be the go-to for all things spooky, but you can take a haunted adventure any time of year at this spot. Rhyolite Ghost Town in Nevada will give you all the chills while you explore abandoned buildings in this barren desert landscape. As nature reclaims what is left of a once-thriving town, the desolate vibes are sure to send shivers up your spine!

Rhyolite Ghost Town can be found outside of Beatty, Nevada.

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It was once a bustling mining town and was known for its three-story building along with numerous other accommodations.

The National Park Service website even noted that "The red light district drew women from as far away as San Francisco."

Now all that is left are the skeletons of the once prominent structures, and it almost looks like something out of a scary film.

You can still visit some of the remains of the original buildings, including a three-story bank and jail.

There are also ghostly sculptures set up around the town that add to the ominous feel.

According to the website, the train station is still in one piece but is privately owned. Most of the ruins are on federal land, so you can glimpse them as you wander around.

To reach this town, you can start at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center and head toward Beatty for 35 miles.

There is a turn on the left that branches toward Highway 374 north, which will lead you right into the middle of the ghost town.

You can snap some seriously eerie photos near the ruins and get all the Halloween feels during the summer!

There might even be a few spirits hanging around to show up in your snaps as proof.

Just make sure to keep that sage handy in case anything decides to come home with you!

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Price: Free

Address: Rhyolite, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can visit this eerie ghost town in the barren desert for Halloween vibes.


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