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You & Bae Can Try To Outsmart Jigsaw With This Cheap Deal In Las Vegas

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
Saw Escape Room In Las Vegas Has A Cheap Groupon Deal Right Now

If your idea of an awesome date night is usually watching horror movies with your S/O, why not step it up a notch? There's a great deal right now for Saw Escape Room in Las Vegas that will immerse you in the world of Jigsaw. You can test how well you and bae would do in a real-life scary movie scenario.

The Official SAW Escape in Las Vegas has an unreal Groupon that will let you get twice the screams for half the price.

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One general admission ticket will only cost you between $29.99 and $34.99, depending on the day you choose.

Included in the deal is a collectors coin so you can remember the thrilling experience.

The entrance sits inside an old meatpacking plant, and the ominous setting will set you on edge.

Once you begin the actual escape, you and a team of players have to find your way out of the terrifying maze just like in the films.

While some people playing with you might be strangers at the start, by the time you leave, they will feel like friends after everything you "survived" together.

You and your boo can use all your combined skills to contribute to the escape efforts and test your relationship on a whole new level.

Throughout the journey around the building, you will receive instructions from the eerie voice of Jigsaw himself.

This specific deal will take you through multiple rooms where you'll have to test out your wits and escape to the next "torture chamber."

You'll need to make a reservation online, and the promotion is valid until October 1, 2020.

If you and your S/O live for a good scare, this spot will frighten you good enough to last you until Halloween.

Here's hoping you both make it out in one piece! *Queue evil laughter*

The Official SAW Escape Room

Price: Starting at $29.99

Address: 2121 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can score a fantastic deal on tickets to this terrifyingly epic SAW escape.


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