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A British Airways Plane Got Stuck In The Edmonton Mud For Over 30 Hours (PHOTOS)

Mud makes everything worse. On Thursday, June 4, photos emerged online of a British Airways aircraft that was stuck in the mud at the Edmonton airport. It was reportedly stuck in for over 30 hours. 

@airline_kitty on Twitter shared three photos of the immovable airplane earlier this afternoon.

The account confirmed to Narcity that the images were sent in by "various sources" and show the incident that took place at Edmonton airport on June 4. 

The photos show a massive plane with its wheels off the runway and stuck in the mud. You can also see some shovels placed against the wheels and other equipment nearby. 

The caption first identifies the site of the issue as Edmonton. And then it goes to read, "Tug pushed too far! Poor Dreamliner..."

The caption also hashtagged "BA" and the aircraft model, "787." 

Edmonton International Airport's senior communications adviser, Christopher Chodan, confirmed to Narcity that it was indeed a British Airways flight that was in the sticky situation on June 4.

Narcity has reached out to British Airways for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

According to Simple Flying, the 787 is a freight plane that left from London to Edmonton on June 2. 

After reportedly spending a day in the city, the plane was set to head back home the next day. As it was going through the taxi process on the runway, it pushed back a tad too far and got its wheels stuck.

Apparently it was too dark and the operators on the ground misjudged the amount of space available for pushback. 

The photos of the stuck aircraft were taken in broad daylight after the plane had been stuck in the mud overnight. 

Simple Flying reported that the plane had been on the airport for close to 33 hours by early morning on Thursday. 

But when Narcity spoke to Choden on Thursday afternoon, he said that situation was fixed and the airplane was on its way to England. 

So what was expected to be a short holdover while delivering cargo turned out to be a much longer ordeal. 

Normally you're used to seeing people having trouble with the Edmonton snow or ice, but come summertime, the mud takes over. 

This article’s cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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