If you have an unusual skill you don't think the world will ever appreciate, don't you worry. 

An Edmonton teen's unconventional talents have gotten her featured on Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Ava Vogel is the teen in question and she has developed the ability to do something truly wild. 

So what's this talent that's brought over 51,000 followers to Vogel's Instagram page?

It's the talent of jumping like a horse. That's it. It sounds near normal at first but, think about it: how can a two-legged human possibly mimic the movements of a horse?

Narcity spoke to Vogel, who told us how she was introduced to this unique skill and how Ripley's came to know about her. 

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How did Ava get into this unusual hobby?

If you thought 17-year-old Ava Vogel from Edmonton was the first person to perfect jumping like a horse, you'd be wrong. Ava picked up the talent from others before her. 

"I was inspired by other girls I saw on the internet who posted themselves doing this hobby," she told us. 

She said she was completely "infatuated" to see the girls being able to move their bodies like that. Therefore, she thought she'd give it a go herself. 

She first started practising the moves over six years ago, when she was around 11-years-old.

She made the Instagram account in 2015 where she would regularly post videos of her and her friends practicing their jumping skills. 

How did the "Ripley's" feature come about?

Courtesy Of Ava Vogel

Vogel told us that while the Instagram account has been active for years, she only began to gain popularity in early 2019. 

Around the same time, the Ripley's team caught wind of her skill and reached out to her. They asked if she wanted to be a part of their series. 

"I was incredibly excited and said yes because it was a dream come true to me," she said. 

Vogel also shared a page from the Ripley's Believe Or Not book where she featured.

When asked how people react to her unique talent, Vogel said, "I get a mixed reaction when people watch my content, some find it unique and interesting and support me."

But she did say she's got some "harsh and negative" comments about her skills in the past. 

What's in store for her and her talent in the future?

At the moment, Vogel is just focused on improving her skills when it comes to jumping. 

"My main goals are just to build up my fitness and athleticism. I hope to jump higher and higher every year," she stated. 

The young Albertan shared that so far she's reached a height of three feet and ten inches. 

On top of strength-building, she's found a passion for "love for kinesiology and biomechanics."

"I hope to pursue that as my career," she told us. 

Outside of jumping like a horse, Vogel also excels at horse-riding and track and field. So it seems like she's on her way to becoming quite the athlete