Looking to receive or gift an exotic pet this holiday season? Well, one global charity wants you to think again.

World Animal Protection is warning everyone against buying an exotic pet for Christmas and anytime after that as far as they are concerned. 

That means skipping out on being the parent to unsuspecting turtles, lizards, parrots and others.

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of Canadian exotic pet owners bought their animal on impulse.

The charity said in a news release that they are worried that people are only interested in these unique creatures as a result of misleading advertising that showcases it as trendy and cool. 

They said many remain unaware that these creatures are usually taken from their habitat and further mistreated in the multi-billion-dollar pet industry.

In fact, 43% of Canadian exotic pet owners admit to purchasing one on pure impulse, according to a poll by Strategic Communications Inc.

Michèle Hamers, wildlife campaign manager with World Animal Protection, said that owners who find themselves unable to care for their pets tend to drop them off at shelters or release them into the environment.

Hamers told Narcity that shelters get overburdened but are sometimes the only viable option since sanctuaries are rare or have long waiting lists. 

"Their network is often much larger which would increase the chances to find another person who could take in an exotic animal."

She said the lack of options for unwanted exotic pets should be an incentive to not buy them in the first place.

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