With just two days left before Christmas, Trudeau has a message for those considering international travel outside of Canada right now.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the prime minister addressed Canadians in a final plea asking them to stay at home for the holidays.

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No matter how dark the winter may be, spring is coming. Better days will be back.

Justin Trudeau

"This is not the time for a vacation abroad," he said, urging people to rethink their travel plans to sunny destinations.

"Days are shorter, there is less sunshine. As Canadians, we know what it means to get through a long and cold winter," he said.

"Chose to stay home, stay in Canada over Christmas. It's the best thing you can do for your family."

He also hopes Canadians will avoid attending New Year's Eve parties as we normally would this time of year. 

His words have been echoed by health officials and provincial leaders all over the country. 

Dr. Thersa Tam has said that she understands that Canadians are dreaming of travelling.

"With the weather growing colder and winter almost upon us I know that many, including older Canadians, are dreaming of spending time in warmer climates," Tam said.

Still, she has stood firm in reminding the public that non-essential travel is a no-go and that protecting yourself and those around you remains the priority. 

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