The boys are getting back together again in Ontario after some time apart. Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford are meeting up for the first time since November to make an announcement together. It's like they're going on a field trip.

On August 21 at 1:00 p.m., the Prime Minister and the Premier of Ontario are taking their press conferences on the road for a little field trip away from Parliament Hill and Queen's Park.

They'll be at a 3M facility in Brockville, Ontario to make a joint announcement.

Early in the morning, Ford posted a video on social media of him in a car on the way to the eastern Ontario city.

He mentioned how he's going to be meeting up with the Prime Minister later in the day.

"We're going to have a great joint announcement," Ford said.

He also told everyone to stay tuned.

According to CTV News, Trudeau and Ford are expected to talk about a federal and provincial agreement with 3M.

That will allow for N95 masks to be made at the manufacturer's facility in Brockville.

Trudeau's government and Ford's government are reportedly going to contribute $23.3 million to increase capacity at the facility so that up to 100 million masks can be produced a year.

During the pandemic, Trudeau has been having calls with the leaders of Canada's provinces and territories but they probably haven't been meeting up in person.

The last time that Trudeau and Ford were seen together publically was during a meeting in Ottawa in November 2019.

Ontario's Premier was positive about the closed-door discussion he had with the Prime Minister.

He called it "a phenomenal meeting."

The two leaders also had a phone conversation last year after the federal election which Trudeau described as "very cordial."

They both agreed to work together.

Back in May, Ford joked about becoming Prime Minister.

During a press conference a reporter said, "hello, my question is for Prime Minister Ford."

He cut her off and said, "not yet."

Though it was probably just a misunderstanding because the reporter was French and when talking about a premier, "premier ministre" is used which literally translates to Prime Minister.

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