Days after Texas was called red in the election, Tarrant County, which houses Fort Worth, has turned blue.

Texans in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, all of which went blue on election day, tweeted hateful messages at Fort Worth for initially being red when the state was called in favor of President Donald Trump.

Now the county has flipped blue due to mail-in ballots continuing to be counted, and apologies are flowing in on Twitter.

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Votes lead by Joe Biden in Tarrant County as of Thursday night

Mail-in votes are still being counted in the county, so it's not yet known if the county will officially turn blue or stay red.

All this comes days after a movement sparked on Twitter involving Texans from cities that voted blue, saying "I'm from Austin, not Texas."

Regardless of the outcome of Tarrant County, the state has already been called in favor of the President, so all eyes are currently on Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina as Joe Biden currently leads with 264 electoral college votes.

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