It's been a long time since we've seen Taylor Lautner on the big screen, and an even longer time since we've seen Sharkboy, but now a new face is replacing the famed childhood superhero.

The new Netflix film "We Can Be Heroes," which is set to release in 2021, brings back the child superheroes from 2005's "The Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lava Girl," but as adults.

While Taylor Dooley is reprising her role as the hot-headed Lavagirl, her co-star Taylor Lautner, unfortunately, is not back as Sharkboy, and it's safe to say the internet is not happy about that decision.

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Ma’am that ain’t Taylor Lautner, who is this imposter?


The new film follows the children of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, as Aliens have invaded earth and kidnapped all superheroes, leaving it up to their kids to save the day.

But it's hard to say if people are excited to see how exactly they will save their parents, as those wanting to watch for nostalgic purposes will probably spend their time face-palming every time not-Taylor-Lautner shows up on the screen.

Some are even comparing this to the tragedy of Rodrick Heffley in 2017's "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul."

It's not yet known why exactly Taylor Lautner is not being brought back for the role of Sharkboy.

Instead of Lautner, viewers will see stuntman J.J. Dashnaw underneath the shark mask.

Dashnaw can also be seen performing stunts for movies such as Iron Man and Thor: The Dark World.

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