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Goodfood's Menu For Fall Looks Amazing & You Can Get 6 Meals For Free

Seasonal veg, world spices, and a whole lot of flavour.
Goodfood's Menu For Fall Looks Amazing & You Can Get 6 Meals For Free

This fall, you'll be wanting to spend more time outside appreciating nature and the fall foliage, and less time meal planning. You can do all of this while enjoying the company of loved ones by having Goodfood do the prep for you. 

Perfect for a date night in or packing up and taking to the cabin, the Goodfood fall menu is one for the books, full of seasonal veg, fresh proteins, and worldly spices. As an added bonus, new subscribers can get six free meals through this link or by using the promo code NARCITY6 at checkout. 

Here are nine delicious recipes you'll find on the Goodfood menu this fall.

1. Thai-Style Panang Curry over Peanut Rice with Butternut Squash & Baby Bok Choy

Requiring only two pots to go from prep to second helpings, this aromatic plant-based dish puts the spice back in life. Make a family cooking day out of it with the little helpers and reap the rewards of seasonal squash and baby bok choy in a creamy, spiced sauce poured over rice that's made for peanut lovers. Stream a little Thai jazz for an immersive and culture-packed autumn evening.

Check it out here.

2. Za’atar Rubbed Lamb T-Bones with Mint Chimichurri & Pomegranate Molasses paired with Brown Butter-Roasted Vegetables

Imagine being dressed to the nines, the sweet scent of Za'atar spices, a glass of pinot noir, sitting at a well-styled table with accents of sunset yellows and deep earthy reds. You reach for the browned-butter vegetables and your hand grazes your date. You look up, eyes locking as your partner serves you another helping of decadent lamb t-bones, and you can't help but smile. Who knew prepping a meal together and creating your own cozy bistro would be the ultimate date night?

Check it out here.

3. Spiced Haddock with Mango Salsa & Coconut Chips over Basmati Rice & String Beans

Fish and chips are the ultimate people pleaser, but is it invite-your-best-buds-for-a-night-on-the-patio worthy? Maybe not. Cook up a fresh take on your favourite fish: a curry-seasoned fillet topped with fresh mango served over the fluffiest rice. It'll be a friends-style night of laughing over a bottle of wine and digging into a great meal.

Check it out here.

4. Peruvian-Style Chicken with Roasted Potatoes, Blistered Sweet Peppers & Tangy Herb Sauce

Self-care is more than sheet masks and salt scrubs. It's taking the time to cook a wholesome meal that isn't just nuking yesterday's leftovers. Nourish your tummy, nourish your soul. We know you could use a little escape, so travel across the globe to Peru with delicious chicken dressed in a Machu Picchu spice blend. Invited along are homefries-style roasted potatoes, complete with a tangy dipping sauce because carbs are an essential nutrient. Bonus: you'll actually be excited to eat these leftovers tomorrow.

Check it out here.

5. Deep Dish Skillet Pizza with Ricotta, Pesto & Creamy Kale Side Salad

Brisk autumn means crunchy leaves, hearty greens, and delicious pies. Why save the pie for dessert when you can serve it up Chicago style? Have a deep dish over deep dish because catching up is best accompanied by a side of melted cheese and thick crust. Get your rosé on and remember just what it is about your best friend that makes you feel so darn loved.

Check it out here.

6. Honey & Garlic Pork Chops with Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms

Wake us up when sweet summer ends because we're all about the savoury (and garlicky) flavours of fall. Invite your partner to a stay-at-home date night. Treat your cute-as-a-button-mushroom sweetheart with a gourmet meal handmade by you, or turn up the heat and make this kitchen song a duet. Celebrate making it through the workday with a glass of sparkling and a good dose of Kodak moments.

Check it out here.

7. Sante Fe Shrimp Caesar Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash & Toasted Pepitas

Perfect as a post-yoga session treat, this fresh take on a Caesar salad will make you wonder why you ever thought salads were boring. And every crunchy pepitas-filled bite will prove you wrong. Seasonal squash provides all the nutrients and comforting fall vibes you need. Keep some dressing and shrimp on the side to whip up a midnight snack later on.

Check it out here.

8. Lemon & Poppy Seed Tortellini with Tricolore Salad

Switch up your Meatless Monday with the unexpected zest of this lemony poppy seed pasta. This bright and light dish will leave you completely satisfied, and it turns out that the key to happiness is good food and good company. Make it a fall night to remember by inviting your parents over (while staying socially distanced, of course!) and impressing them with your cooking skills and expert wine pairings.

Check it out here.

9. Crispy-Skin Branzino with Pistachio Sauce Vierge & Lemony Garlic Broccolini

Date night again? You know just what to prepare. Whisk you and your honey away to the shores of the Mediterranean sea with hints of sumac-seasoned fresh fillets. Set the stage with crisp whites and royal blues and a chilled glass of chardonnay. Put on a wave soundscape and you'll feel like you're sitting at the sea edge. Now that's what's called an unforgettable meal.

Check it out here.

The best life hacks save you time and money — even in the era of social distancing — and Goodfood does both while eliminating food waste. With perfectly portioned quality ingredients that are bursting with flavour, this Canadian company offers the ideal solution to mealtime headaches. Plus, delivery is free and contactless.

Impress your parents, your honey or your pals with your culinary talents this autumn. Check out tons of different fall recipes available on Goodfood, and sign up to get your six free meals today.

Visit the official Goodfood website to place your order and receive six free meals as a first-time subscriber or use promo code NARCITY6 at checkout. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.