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Looks like it's over and done. Just days after Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago told fans that they called it quits, the Australian hottie wiped his ex-girlfriend almost entirely from his social media. The Too Hot To Handle stars cited a variety of reasons for their split, including the difficulty of long-distance and some relationship-ending arguments. 

Earlier this week, Farago was first to post a YouTube video where she tearfully told fans that Jowsey recently broke up with her. 

The Ottawa-born model said that he couldn't do their long-distance relationship anymore, with Farago living in Vancouver and him in L.A.

A day later, Jowsey also hopped on YouTube to post a video explaining why he ended things with Farago.

The Australian agreed with the same points Farago explained, adding that if they stayed together she would end up heartbroken and he would continue to feel depressed.

Their split apparently happened a little while ago, since the 26-year-old Canadian admitted that she needed to make the video to solidify the news in her brain.

The former couple quickly unfollowed each other on Instagram, but for a few days still kept photos of each other up on their profiles.

However, it looks like Jowsey got around to deleting most of the snaps.

Now, the 22-year-old's Instagram is almost entirely devoid of Farago's face except for one video that's still posted.

He kept up a minute-and-a-half long compilation that includes various clips of the couple kissing, cuddling, and hanging out with Justin Bieber's "Purpose" playing in the background. The video was posted on April 23 and includes the caption "Thank you" with a heart emoji.

Over on her profile, Farago still has every photo with Jowsey still up, starting with their first post when they became Instagram official after Too Hot To Handle aired.

The former couple's rocky relationship timeline starts with them meeting in April 2019 during the filming of the Netflix reality series.

After filming ended, they both visited each other's hometowns, and Jowsey broke up with Farago for the first time in the summer. But a drunken FaceTime from him got them back together in early 2020.

Their breakup comes shortly after they reunited following months apart quarantining in separate countries. 

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