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‘Too Hot To Handle’ Stars Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey Split Up (VIDEO)

The Canadian model explained their breakup in a teary video.

This fire has sizzled! Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey have called it quits after beginning their relationship on the Netflix dating show over a year ago. This comes just weeks after Jowsey virtually proposed to his girlfriend during the Too Hot To Handle reunion episode. 

The B.C.-born swimsuit model announced in a teary five-minute-long YouTube video that she and Jowsey parted ways. 

"Harry and I are not together anymore. He decided to break up with me because he couldn't do long distance anymore. I obviously was heartbroken," Farago explained.

She noted that she previously arrived in L.A. for business and tried working it out with Jowsey but "it just didn't happen."

Farago admitted that the couple held off on telling fans and the media about their split. Jowsey wanted to wait until rumours and accusations settled down in order to not validate things people were saying. 

"I genuinely just thought we were going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out. I genuinely thought that no matter what we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married."

The 26-year-old explained that the couple would have fights and arguments that she didn't think were relationship ending, but for Jowsey the "small little things just ended up turning into relationship-ending arguments."

This split follows Jowsey proposing to his girlfriend via a Zoom in early May call when the Too Hot To Handle cast had a virtual reunion following the show's premiere.

However, Farago quickly explained that the virtual engagement wasn't real and that she was waiting for it to be done in person. 

In her video, Farago also added, "How could you have a wedding ring folder with someone and how could you propose to someone, but you're also saying, I can't be with you because of the distance."

Jowsey hasn't yet publicly spoken about the breakup but did announce on Twitter yesterday that he's "going to go live on Instagram tomorrow to explain why [he] broke up with Francesca."

Farago and Jowsey first met when they both participated on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle that was filmed in April 2019. During the reunion episode, they also explained that they took an eight-month break apart due to not being able to see eye to eye on things. 

"The love I had for him was very, very real and I know you guys could see that," Farago said in her video. "I was just wrong and he is not the person for me."

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