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Knoxville Tennessee Tiger Spotted On The Loose Through Eastern Side Of State

A tiger in Knoxville, Tennessee was spotted strolling around in the Forks of the River Industrial Park by a Knox County Sheriff's Office deputy Wednesday night. 

ABC 7 reports that there were a few other unconfirmed sightings of this mysterious tiger roaming around the city and it still hasn't been found as of this Friday morning.

Knoxville Zoo spokeswoman Tina Rolen said all of its tigers are accounted for, and the zoo has not been involved in the search.

ABC 7 News 

According to a Press Release from Knox County Sheriff's Office, the sheriff's office patrol units, Animal Control, Air Watch, TWRA, and representatives with Tiger Haven are helping search for the missing animal.

A trap to catch the big cat has been set, and if it happens to be caught, it'll go straight to Tiger Haven.

At this time, no one knows where this animal came from or where it plans on going on its Tennessee adventure.

Via ABC 7 News

*Cover photo for illustrative purposes only.

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