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A woman sitting in one of the stilt buildings. Right: A Stilt building.

A woman sitting in one of the stilt buildings. Right: A Stilt building.

There's a floating neighborhood in the middle of the South Florida ocean that's been abandoned for decades. Stiltsville in Miami has become a part of Biscayne National Park and you can now see the huge tourist attraction on a boat tour.

Though there used to be 27 flats at the floating town's peak in the 1960s, there are only a few colorful bright stilts still standing in the middle of the clear blue waters.

Its rich history dates back to the 1930s when "Crawfish Eddie Walker" built the first structures, and grew into an adorable shack-type village.

According to Biscayne National Park, "stories of illegal alcohol and gambling led to several police raids on the Bikini Club and Quarterdeck Club" there.

However, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters left behind only a few remaining buildings, where people now travel to and see the inside of what they looked like.

The tour departs from the Miami Beach Marina on a personalized sightseeing expedition to an insider location.

You'll also get an up-close and personal view of these homes, some of which have suffered damage by Hurricane Irma in 2017 and are being refurbished by the nonprofit, Stiltsville Trust Inc.

The president of that nonprofit and owner of one of the remaining stilts, Gail Baldwin, recently died just two days, as the Biscayne NPS dedicated an Instagram post to their late friend.

This tour is a trip to a rare neighborhood that has withstood drastic weather conditions and is a stark contrast between the old and new age of Miami that begs to be explored by visitors.

If you don't join the tour, you can also venture out with your own water vessel and enjoy the natural wonders.

Ocean Force Adventures

Price: $186.83/adult

Address: 300 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL

Why You Need To Go: You can explore rich history and see a unique floating town in the middle of the Miami waters.


This article has been updated since it was originally published on September 1, 2020.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

    Jenna Kelley
    Florida Associate Editor
    Jenna Kelley is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on trends and celebrities in Florida and is based in Miami-Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
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