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The EU Is Now Urging People To Avoid UK Travel Due To The New Strain Of COVID-19

Canada has issued a temporary travel ban, too.
New Strain Of COVID-19 In The UK Prompts EU To Urge Against All Travel To The Country

After a new strain of COVID-19 was found in the United Kingdom, countries around the world have been on high alert.

In fact, the European Commission is now urging people to steer clear of travelling in and out of the U.K. whenever possible.

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This comes as British officials confirmed a new strain of COVID-19 was causing a spike in cases across the south of England.

In an attempt to curb further transmission, the EU issued several new public safety recommendations.

In a tweet, the union suggested avoiding all non-essential travel between Britain and other European countries.

However, they said that flight and train bans should stop to "avoid supply chain disruptions."

On Sunday night, Canada became one of the many countries to implement a temporary travel ban for travel to and from the U.K.

It joined Austria, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and many more countries in making the move.

Despite concerns about the rapid spread of the new U.K. strain of COVID-19, BioNTech officials are confident it shouldn't resist a vaccine.

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