This $289K Ontario House For Sale Is Way Too Dreamy To Be This Cheap (PHOTOS)

How is this real? 😍🏡
This $289K Ontario House For Sale Is Way Too Dreamy To Be This Cheap (PHOTOS)

Somebody pinch us, we must be dreaming. This gorgeous Ontario house for sale is way too dreamy to be this affordable.

Located roughly three hours outside of Toronto in Sarnia, this three-bedroom, one-bathroom house is on the market for less than $290,000.

Recently remodelled, the house now features things like central air, a brand new bathroom and kitchen, new flooring, and new lighting, just to name a few.

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[rebelmouse-image 25999576 photo_credit="Ken Thorner | RE/MAX" expand=1 original_size="901x600"] Ken Thorner | RE/MAX

The bathroom, with its farm door and luxurious bath, has a calming spa vibe that will have you wanting to soak in the tub all day long.

In the kitchen, you’ll find ample storage and counter space so you can whip up a feast without feeling cramped.

The large second storey bedroom has a skylight and unique ceilings that add to the homes overall beauty.

Outside in the backyard, you can enjoy a combination of grass and pavement as well as a cute gazebo that’s a perfect spot for early morning coffee or late night glasses of wine.

So if you’re looking for your dream home at your dream price, this might be the one.

Russell Street

Price: $289,900

Address: 158 Russel St. S., Sarnia, ON

Description: This recently remodelled home is the perfect combination of luxury and affordability.

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