13 Gatineau Homes That Prove Just How Affordable It Is Across The Ottawa River (PHOTOS)

You'll still be just 20 minutes from the City!
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13 Houses For Sale In Gatineau That Prove Just How Affordable It Is Across The Ottawa River (PHOTOS)

Would you consider crossing the Ottawa river for cheaper real estate? There are so many huge houses for sale in Gatineau that are surprisingly cheap, and they prove just how affordable property can be on the opposite side of the water. In fact, moving just 20 minutes outside of Ottawa could actually save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

When it comes to real estate, prices in Ottawa can get pretty steep. While costs may seem somewhat reasonable in comparison with homes in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Ottawa’s housing market continues to rise.

In fact, according to AgentInOttawa, the average price for an Ottawa home in June 2020 was $558,533. That’s an increase of 15.7% in just one year.

While most of us don’t have a cool $500,000 to splurge on a property, that doesn’t mean buying a home near the City is impossible.

Just 20 minutes from downtown, property prices are considerably cheaper. You can actually find sizable condos in the Gatineau region for less than $180,000, and you’ll still be only minutes from the National Capital!

To give you an idea of what’s available just around the corner, these Gatineau-area properties are all on the market right now, and most cost less than $300,000.

Maybe it's time to brush up on those French skills, eh?!

212 Rue Jeanne-d'Arc

Price: $179,900

Address: 212 Rue Jeanne-d'Arc, Gatineau, QC

Description: Located just 13 minutes from downtown Ottawa, this sizable home is surprisingly affordable. It’s beautifully decorated with a mix of “rustic and modern” styles. It’s got three bedrooms, two bathrooms and each room is seriously spacious.

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117 Rue Poplar 

Price: $259,000

Address: 117 Rue Poplar, Gatineau, QC

Description: According to the listing, this “spacious heritage house” is located on one of the most beautiful streets in Gatineau. It’s got four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious main living area. There’s also a huge inground pool outside! Even better, it’s just 20 minutes from Ottawa.

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387 Rue Hétu

Price: $199,900

Address: 387 Rue Hétu, Gatineau, QC

Description: Around 25 minutes from Ottawa centre, this two-storey property offers four bedrooms with the possibility of a fifth, and three bathrooms. It’s got an awesome backyard, which includes a pool, and it costs less than $200,000.

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43 Rue Fanny

Price: $439,900

Address: 43 Rue Fanny, Val-des-Monts, QC

Description: Less than half an hour from the City, this modern dream-home has everything. It’s got three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it's decorated to a very high standard. In the last two years alone, it’s had more than $125,000 worth of renovations!

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272 Rue Jean-Perrin

Price: $274,900

Address: 272 Rue Jean-Perrin, Gatineau, QC

Description: This adorable property has been completely renovated recently, and it needs no work whatsoever. It’s seriously impressive inside, and all three bedrooms are beautiful. There’s also a fully finished basement. The best part is that you could reach downtown Ottawa in under 20 minutes.

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61 Boulevard Lorrain

Price: $269,900

Address: 61 Boulevard Lorrain, Gatineau, QC

Description: If you’re looking for plenty of bang for your buck, look no further. This home is absolutely huge, and every room is massive. It’s also really big outside, and has a yard with enough space for all of your outdoor dreams to come true. While it seems a world away from the City, it’s actually only 25 minutes away.

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248 Rue de Saint-Émilion

Price: $274,000

Address: 248 Rue de Saint-Émilion, Gatineau, QC

Description: You won’t need to worry about the summer heat at this property. With a sizable above-ground pool and a lovely outdoor area, this place is perfect for anybody who loves spending time outside. Just 20 minutes from Ottawa, it’s got four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fully furnished basement. It’s also totally private as there’s no rear neighbours.

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23 Rue de la Yamaska

Price: $269,900

Address: 23 Rue de la Yamaska, Gatineau, QC

Description: This cute property basically has a mini resort in the backyard! It’s got a huge inground pool and a private courtyard, and inside there’s a whopping five bedrooms and two bathrooms. There’s also hardwood flooring throughout.

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23 Rue de la Yamaska

Price: $349,900

Address: 23 Rue de la Yamaska, Gatineau, QC

Description: Just 27 minutes outside of the City, this countryside haven has a plot of over 68,000 square feet. Inside, there’s three bedrooms, an office and a bathroom that has recently been renovated. For less than $350,000, this modern home is a dream!

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1320 Boulevard Maloney

Price: $184,000

Address: 1320 Boulevard Maloney E., Gatineau, QC

Description: While a downtown Ottawa condo might set you back a small fortune, this Gatineau apartment is extremely affordable. Not only that, it’s super chic and modern, and it has so much storage space, too. There’s two large bedrooms, a huge bathroom, a laundry room and a balcony, and you’ll also get two parking spaces. Not bad, eh?

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266 Rue de la Forteresse

Price: $374,900

Address: 266 Rue de la Forteresse, Gatineau, QC

Description: This four bedroom home is up-to-date and well-decorated, and it’s the perfect property for anybody who wants to move in and do nothing else! It’s got a finished basement and a spacious yard, as well as a patio that would be ideal for socializing.

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17 Ch. des Générations

Price: $385,000

Address: 17 Ch. des Générations, Val-des-Monts, QC

Description: This home looks more like a palace than a house, but it’s got a pretty reasonable price tag. There's four bedrooms and a spacious loft, as well as a beautiful courtyard that would be idyllic during the warm Quebec summers. Less than 30 minutes from downtown, this is a mini-paradise.

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495 Chemin Burke

Price: $320,000

Address: 495 Chemin Burke, Mayo, QC

Description: While this gorgeous house is around 45 minutes outside of Ottawa, it’s definitely worth the extra commute. Described by the listing as a “haven of peace,” this house is on a private lot with tons of yard space. It’s got three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is ready to go whenever you are. What are you waiting for?!

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