Canada Has So Many Houses For Sale Under $50K & They're Surprisingly Huge (PHOTOS)

Plenty of bang for your buck!
Cheap Houses For Sale In Canada Are Less Than $50K & Surprisingly Huge (PHOTOS)
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Getting on the property ladder is unquestionably tough, and it can sometimes feel almost impossible to find affordable housing. If you're looking for cheap houses for sale in Canada, look no further. The best part is, cheap doesn’t have to mean tiny! In fact, these homes cost less than $50,000, and they’re actually surprisingly spacious.

Real estate in Canada is not cheap, and it sometimes seems impossible to get in on any of it if you’re already paying a serious amount of money in rent.

While they’re not always easy to find, there are actually some super-affordable properties for sale in Canada, and they’re not as small as you might think.

These homes may not be mega-grand mansions, and they won’t have enough space for a private lazy river or an indoor hockey rink.

That said, most of them do have a garage, a yard, at least three bedrooms, and enough space for your BFFs to visit. What more could you possibly need?

For those real bargain-hunters, you can actually find Canadian properties for less than $25,000. If you don’t mind slightly more rustic vibes, of course!

If you’re looking for a bit of home-inspo, look no further. Who said you can’t buy a mini-mansion on a budget?

112 Spencer Street

Price: $49,900

Address: 112 Spencer St., Hartney, MB

Description: The listing agent describes this property as "cheap, cheap, cheap," and it's not hard to see why. For less than $50,000 you'll get three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, an office, hardwood floors, a gas fireplace and a new roof. Also — it's huge!

[image 5e9f48e44bcdf408b0c5de3b]

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5219 51 Avenue

Price: $49,900

Address: 5219 51 Ave., Bonnyville Town, AB

Description: Calling all renovators! If you're prepared to give this house a little TLC, then there's so much potential here. With a large living area, three bedrooms, a big garage and a massive basement, this property is deceivingly huge.

[image 5ea07ce322cb1602b385dc81]

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367 Rue Principale

Price: $25,000

Address: 367 Rue Principale, Eel River Crossing, NB

Description: This huge house is located in the heart of Eel River Crossing. It's got a central location, a huge bathroom and two large bedrooms, so it's certainly spacious enough. While the kitchen, bathroom and flooring need some work, it's a bargain regardless!

[image 5ea07e44bb4b1d02c575a2f5]

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200 Poplar Street

Price: $49,900

Address: 200 Poplar St., Hartney, MB

Description: This surprisingly big home is perfect for anybody who wants to try a bit of DIY. There are three bedrooms, a large back porch, a double garage, and plenty of space out front. It's a steal for less than $50,000.

[image 5e9f507520638c08b751d603]

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100 3 Avenue

Price: $49,999

Address: 100 3 Ave. SE, Youngstown, AB

Description: If you don't mind a splash of colour, this home could be perfect. It's an "extra-large triple lot" with three bedrooms, two garages, and a huge private workshop. While it does need a bit of work, you definitely won't be short on space!

[image 5ea07bd1bb4b1d02c575a2a3]

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5204 50 Street

Price: $49,900

Address: 5204 50 St.,



Description: If you're looking for the wow-factor, look no further. This 1940s church is searching for a buyer to make this huge lot into a unique home. There's already a power line, water, sewer and gas set up, all you need now is the vision!

[image 5ea0815922cb1602b385dd25]

[image 5ea0814f18d74c02be906521]

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47 Timmins Street

Price: $49,900

Address: 47 Timmins St., Red Rock, ON

Description: This property seems to be all-house and no-cost! There's two storeys, three bedrooms, an open concept living area, a huge basement and a totally massive back yard. Impressive.

[image 5ea1c268c94e4c5a4d8e5b8f]

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305 5 Avenue West


Address: 305 5 Ave. W., Hanna, AB

Description: Don't judge the size of this house from the outside. This whopping home actually has five bedrooms, spread across two floors. It's also in a great central location and is cute as a button! What's not to love?

[image 5ea0835c18d74c02be90655a]

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