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Ottawa Coyote Attack: Police to Take Animal Down & Say "Remain Vigilant"

Riverside South residents in Canada's capital city can feel a little better about going outside. After a string of Ottawa coyote attacks in the area, police had to take matters into their own hands. They may have finally taken down the aggressive animal.

In a June 12 press release, the Ottawa Police Service said that officers had spotted a coyote on the prowl near Shoreline Drive and Wild Shore Crescent.

The animal initially came at one of the officers, but was able to be chased away by a patrol car.

Later, they spotted the same coyote in Claudette Cain Park, where they had to safely put it down.

By-law and Regulatory Services personnel arrived at the scene to remove the animal and take it in for testing.

While coyote attacks in the area had been happening often enough for it to become a public safety issue, OPS notes that the animals are not typically aggressive.

However, they also want residents to remain vigilant, and to avoid wooded areas, particularly after dark.

They are also asking people in the area to take precautions if they do see another coyote. These include not approaching or touching the animal and not turning their back or running.

Ottawa Police suggest that if anyone sees a coyote in their area, they should back away slowly, stand tall, and make a lot of noise. They also suggest carrying a flashlight while walking at night.

The coyote attacks had previously been a bigger problem in the neighbourhood, with one man getting his ankle chewed by the animal, among other attacks on humans.

City Councillor Carol Anne Meehan warned residents on Twitter to be on the lookout for a coyote in Beryl Gaffney Park. She said it appeared to be sick and didn't seem afraid of humans.

Cover photo used for illustrative purposes. 

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