Eating the dough is one of the best things about baking cookies, right? Well, it seems one company knows this. Pillsbury Canada has launched a brand new cookie dough that’s been specifically made to eat raw — and it’s totally safe to eat!

It's not just kids who like to eat delicious cookie dough straight from the tube, it’s adults too.

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Thankfully, Pillsbury Canada has got us covered and has created a cookie dough that can be safely devoured when it's completely raw.

Made from heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs, the company promises that the new product will have the “same delicious taste that consumers know and love.”

However, swallowing tons of this version won’t make you sick!

Even better, if your favourite part of dough-nomming is doing it while baking, you can still do this.

While the Safe to Eat Raw Cookie Dough can be enjoyed raw, you can still use it for baking cooked treats, too!

You should already be able to find the new product in the refrigerated shelves of grocery stores across the country.

“Consumers must look for the ‘safe to eat raw’ label before consuming the product uncooked,” the company warns in a press release, shared on September 8.

The popular brand eventually wants to replace all of its cookie dough products with the new raw and edible version.

It's a plan they intend to complete by the end of 2020.

When it comes to devouring the raw dough, the company recommends tasting it alone or with treats such as sauces, candies and ice cream.

If you really want to get your dough on, Toronto actually has a whole shop dedicated to eating the stuff!

If you’re not ready to go raw with your snacks just yet, you can just stick to using it in your favourite recipes. It will still taste just the same.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.