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As the college football season inches closer to game night, the thousands of players at American universities are showing up for Fall camp practices.

One offensive lineman from Duke University, Chance Lytle, who is from San Antonio, Texas, is currently going viral on the Internet for impressing his team at practice with a unique skill he has: opera singing.

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If there are two things San Antonians love more than anything else, it's Selena Quintanilla and the Spurs. This spring, a night dedicated to both is taking place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Spurs' first-ever Selena Night is going to be one for the books. 

You read that right, the Spurs' are honoring the famous Texan singer during one of their home games this season.

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When news broke on Sunday that Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others passed away in a helicopter crash, it felt as though time had stopped. The devastating news from TMZ Sports left the world shaken, though a decision was made to continue on with all NBA games for the day. The Spurs honored Kobe Bryant during and beyond their game against the Raptors on Sunday and it was truly respectful.

Many NBA players, both current and retired, have at one point faced or played alongside Bryant, whether before or during his time with the Lakers.

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Being a Texan may mean you have an undying love for the San Antonio Spurs. Last night was Star Wars Night, an epic night dedicated to the series that brings with it costumes, fun, and, most importantly, the force. Last night, Baby Yoda's Spurs game appearance was easily the highlight of the entire thing, but who was dressed up as him was completely unexpected!

Knowing that the Spurs would have to face off against the Brooklyn Nets last night called for some serious backup.

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When you retire from a team like the San Antonio Spurs, your fanbase and your love for the sport hardly ever leaves you. This is especially true for Manu Ginobili, a former player for the Spurs that's been spotted more than once this season cheering on his old team. During a game in San Antonio this week, Ginobili and his son were spotted on the Simba Cam giving fans the cutest 15-second show ever.

The Spurs played the New Orleans Pelicans in a home game on Sunday, October 13 and lost 123 - 114, leaving them 0-3 for the season. There to cheer the team up during and after the game was Ginobili and his adorable son, who were caught on the Simba Cam impersonating Rafiki and Simba in that classic scene. You know the one, and if you don't (tsk tsk) the video below will give you some insight. 

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