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This Labyrinth Of Psychedelic Mirrors Just Reopened In San Francisco

If you've ever wanted to walk through a psychedelic labyrinth of mirrors, you can do this at San Francisco'sMagowan's Infinite Mirror Maze and it is sure to be the trippiest thing you've ever experienced while completely sober. 

The maze is located in Pier 39, a retail area of the world-famous and super popular Fisherman's Wharf right on the water, in a very regular looking building — but inside, it's not so regular looking.

The colorful maze recently reopened and is taking safety precautions during COVID times, assuring that only one "pod" of up to eight people will enter at a time.

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Once inside, use your time wisely — you've got 15 minutes inside of the maze, with it all to yourself.

The pillars are lit up with black lights, creating a psychedelic effect.

The halls truly seem to just go on forever.

Try not to bonk into any of the mirrors — if you see yourself, probably don't walk there (because remember, that's how mirrors go).

Masks are required inside of the maze so don't show up without one.

To secure your spot, they recommend booking your time slot online (and be sure to show up on time).

Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze

Price: $10

Address: Pier 39 O-11, San Francisco, CA

Why You Need To Go: Because haven't you ever wanted to walk into an obscure looking building only to find it absolutely covered in mirrors that you will promptly get very lost in while rave music plays? Thought so.

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