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People Dressed Up The Home Depot 12-Foot Skeleton For Christmas & It's Delightful (PHOTOS)

The star of Halloween 2020 was the 12-foot Giant-Sized Skeleton from Home Depot and this holiday season, he is not going out of style — in fact, he's back with some new outfits.

People who managed to get their hands on this giant lad are dressing him up for the holidays and turning this Halloween decoration into a Christmas one (and also a few Thanksgiving ones).

The skeleton (a national treasure) has proven to be timeless — truly, a decoration for all holidays.

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Despite the fact that he was "meant" to be an outdoor decoration, some people just decided to bring him inside (like family).

Here we have an extremely tall Santa Claus next to a shorter Jack Skellington.

'Tis the season to be decorated in Christmas lights and carrying a bag full of presents.

Look, that thing was like $300, by all means, you should be getting your money's worth and using him for ALL holidays.

It doesn't even need to be elaborate — just throw a Santa hat on that guy and you've got a Christmas decoration.

The regret is all too familiar to many.

This skeleton is such a national treasure that he is even being celebrated in art.

He is he should be.

As a bonus, someone even dressed him up for Thanksgiving.

The 12-foot giant-sized skeleton from Home Depot remains a light in the darkness that is 2020.

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