best airports in canada

Some Canadian airports are receiving international praise for being a cut above the rest in the eyes of travellers.

Skytrax has released its 2023 World Airport awards, and several major airports in Canada have been determined to be among the top spots to travel from worldwide.

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Kelly Ripa gave one Canadian airport a glowing endorsement this week on Live! With Kelly and Ryan after taking issue with a list of the world's best airports that apparently seemed to exclude her own personal fave.

While Ripa didn't name the company or outlet responsible for the list, she did express her disappointment that Vancouver International Airport wasn't on it.

"I did read this article on all the best airports ... like the greatest airports to hang out in for luxury and this and that, and I did notice that Vancouver wasn't on the list. So I just wanted to say to the list makers that they have clearly made an error,” Ripa said, clarifying that she recognizes it wasn't a pointed snub.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m just saying there’s an omission that needs to be righted,” she continued.

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You can take some cheap flights to dreamy destinations from Toronto Pearson Airport, but it just so happens that you'll also be taking it from one of the best airports in the world.

In a press release posted on March 10, the Airports Council International (ACI) named Pearson as the "Best Large Airport in North America" based on a list of the best airports for traveller experience during the pandemic. Toronto's airport came out on top when it came to airports that host over 40 million passengers each year.

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The hours-long airport layover is a boring rite of passage that any traveller has had to face at some point, but it seems as though some airports are better to get stuck in than others.

That's according to Club Med, which looked at 100 of the world's best airports and determined which were more ideal for long layovers. As it turns out, Canada's got two on the list!

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