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Off The Top: Did you know that a lot of budget airlines are able to offer cheaper routes to passengers by avoiding the pricier fees at major airports? For instance, a Flair Airlines jet en route for Vancouver recently stopped, uh, several hundred feet beyond the end of the runway at the Waterloo International Airport. Sure, fares a low — but the walk back to the tarmac is a killer.

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Black Friday in Canada is in full swing at the moment and that means it's a chance to nab the best deals of the year.

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If you're in need of some new clothes, Aritzia's Black Friday sale just started in Canada and there are so many sweet deals to be found.

Aritzia's "Black Fiveday Sale" is on now, offering up to 50% off everything both online and in stores.

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An American who moved to Canada has asked Canadians about how Black Friday here compares to the U.S. and people explained the differences.

In r/AskACanadian, someone shared that they had recently moved to Canada from the U.S. and they wondered if Black Friday deals were also a thing in this country.

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Black Friday is finally here, meaning it's time to say goodbye to all your savings and hello to a lot of stuff you probably didn't need.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe or shopping for essentials, now is usually a great time to hit the mall. But shopping on Black Friday takes a particular kind of personality, maybe someone with a lot of patience and the ability to carry many bags.

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