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Getting hungry? There are tons of food festivals across Canada making a return this year serving up mouthwatering eats you'll definitely want to try.

From First Fridays in Montreal to the Shediac Lobster Festival in New Brunswick, events are happening all over the country, offering fun activities and musical acts in addition to the drool-worthy food.

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Sure, fast-food cravings are usually harmless, but what happens when someone takes it too far? Fewer pickles and fries for the rest of us.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), members of its Norfolk County Detachment investigated a somewhat peculiar theft last Friday after receiving reports of a ransacked food truck.

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S'il y a un moment de l'année où il fait bon de se gâter, autant avec un morceau de chocolat qu'une belle sortie avec ses proches, c'est bien le long week-end de Pâques. Pour l'occasion, une tonne d'activités spéciales sont organisées et tu pourras choisir tes préférées parmi ces huit choses à faire sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal qui sortent de l'ordinaire.

Entre les menus éphémères pour te sucrer le bec, les nouvelles adresses ou même les lieux avec une ambiance plus festive, il y a du choix pour tous les goûts et tous les âges.

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Eating a grilled cheese has the ability to take you back in time. Nothing is better than gooey, creamy, cheese in between two slices of buttery, crispy bread. Somehow, a Houston food truck is making this already drool-worthy meal even tastier, and we're eternally grateful.

Twisted Grilled Cheese is a roaming food truck that pops up in different locations around the Houston city limits.

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St. Pete’s massive annual local festival is back for the 7th year in a row this February, and it’s set to be bigger and better than ever. Localtopia showcases over 250 independent businesses and community organizations, and even has several titles adding to its grandeur. Voted “Best Festival” by the Tampa Bay Times, declared “Event of the Year” and many more, you won’t want to miss this Florida festival.

This year, Localtopia will have even more goodies, craft stalls, and food trucks, as they’re expanding down another city block on St. Pete's 3rd Street. Not only will this will allow for even more vendors, but also a second stage for live music.

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