metro vancouver

Vancouver transportation is set to look super different by 2050, and TransLink just released illustrations of it.

The pictures will send you into the future, where there are basically no cars on the streets of Vancouver, B.C. — and therefore no traffic!

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An interactive map of Metro Vancouver shows that how long people live can vary by almost a decade based on the neighbourhood.

The map was created by the University of British Columbia, which led a study on life expectancy.

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Port Moody has a lot going for it. As one of the Tri-Cities (alongside Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam), Port Moody has gained a reputation as the most charming and modern city within Vancouver's reach. Labelled 'The City of the Arts', Port Moody offers both cultural experiences as well as excellent hiking trails for outdoors enthusiasts.

The Evergreen Line, an 11-kilometre extension of Vancouver's existing SkyTrain system, is nearing completion, and by December 2nd Port Moody will be much more accessible to all. While the city is only a short drive from Vancouver as is, now there's an even faster way to conveniently hop on over and indulge in the best this city has to offer. Here are some ways to take advantage of our new proximity:

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