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The 2022 holiday season is right around the corner and, this year, a lot of Canadians have probably been thinking of ways to save money while shopping.

After all, the holiday season can be an expensive time, with cash going into things like travel, gifts, food and more. And it looks like that has some Canadians a bit nervous.

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With rising costs and unending expenses, one mom on a mission says she managed to dig her family out of debt in eight short months by finding stacking up a bunch of little ways to save.

Ruth Taylor shares her money-saving life hacks on her Money Savvy Mum UK blog, where she tells followers how she paid off her family's £21,000 debt in less than a year.

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With inflation hitting Canadians hard over the last few months, you might be looking for ways to save money this year.

In August, Canada's inflation rate cooled to 7% although the price of groceries rose at its fastest pace since 1981!

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More and more Canadians are worried about the rising cost of living in Canada, and they've started looking for ways to save.

Per a survey by professional services company Ernst & Young, around "80% of Canadians are concerned about their finances" as the cost of living rises across the country.

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If you live in Vancouver, B.C. you probably want to find all the ways you can to save some money.

One Reddit user has gotten sick of the expensive groceries in the city, so asked the Vancouver Reddit page for saving tips.

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