Cineplex Is Hiring Across Canada Right Now & You Can Get Free Movies As A Job Perk

And free popcorn. 🍿

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A Cineplex location.

A Cineplex location.

Cineplex Canada is hiring for positions across Canada right now and there are a number of part-time and full-time jobs available.

Moreover, these Cineplex jobs come with some really nice perks.

According to the Cineplex website, there are over 170 job openings across Canada at the time of writing.

Out of these, about 135 are part-time and the rest are full-time positions — and not all of these are punching tickets and selling candy.

There are server, culinary, corporate, and technical jobs across Cineplex's brands which include The Rec Room, Playdium, Player One, Cineplex Media and more.

For full-time jobs, the company is looking for people to fill roles such as marketing manager, restaurant manager and head chef.

Most of these jobs seem to be concentrated across Ontario. However, there are plenty of positions listed in B.C., Alberta, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

Obviously, these jobs would require a bit of experience in the field and might be more your speed if you've been in the respective industry for a little while.

As for the part-time positions, one of the most common positions at Cineplex locations across Canada is for a cast member.

As a cast member, you'll be working in Cineplex's food service, box office and more, where you will be ensuring that the place is generally in order.

For these positions, not a lot, or any, previous experience is required!

If you're thinking of joining the organization, there are some cool work perks in store for you.

Employees who work at Cineplex can get access to free movies as well as free popcorn, so date night will never be a financial problem ever again.

On top of those perks, they also boast "educational assistance programs, competitive compensation and benefits" and "a high degree of flexibility."

Not too bad!

Cineplex isn't the only place hiring in Canada right now. The government has a bunch of job openings in the field of immigration, which pay really well and don't require a degree.

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