Cineplex's CEO Wants To 'Experiment' With Lower Prices & This Could Mean Cheap Movie Nights

Here's what this might mean for your wallet!

A Cineplex theatre.

A Cineplex theatre.

Calling all cinema lovers! Some changes to Cineplex prices could be in store in the near future!

According to a recent report, the CEO of Cineplex has said he's open to "experiments" when it comes to Cineplex ticket prices.

CEO Ellis Jacob said that the company wants “to be accommodating to our guests and we want to have the right pricing for the opportunity," as per The Canadian Press.

This could potentially mean that certain movies could have different prices depending on their content and audience.

For example, just this month, the theatre chain discounted tickets to the new film 80 For Brady as an attempt to bring back those who might not be as keen on coming to the theatre if they paid full price.

As of right now, a regular ticket price at a Cineplex theatre — without 3D or any add-ons — is about $13.50 for an adult.

However, the tickets for the film, which is aimed towards seniors, are currently going for as low as $7.43 for a regular ticket at Cineplex.

This might be welcome news because anyone who has ever been to the movies knows that it can be an expensive endeavour.

From the popcorn to the candy to the ticket, not to mention upcharges for things like 3D or the VIP experience, Cineplex prices in Canada can be quite high.

Of course, there is also potential that movie ticket prices could also increase.

According to Variety, AMC theatres in the United States is launching a program where "premium" seats will cost around $1 extra compared to the normal ones. So, if customers really want to get those coveted seats, they'll have to pay extra.

Narcity has reached out to Cineplex to see if they're planning a similar system but are yet to receive a comment.

And if all this movie talk has you keen on hitting up theatre this month, February has a bunch of new releases.

Movies showing now include the aforementioned 80 For Brady as well as the newest Magic Mike movie and a thriller from horror filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.

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