An Ex-Cineplex Employee Dished On The Best Time To See A Movie & How You Can Beat The Crowd

He also told us the busiest day of the year. 🍿

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A Cineplex theatre. Right: A crowded movie theatre.

A Cineplex theatre. Right: A crowded movie theatre.

Heading to the movies at a Cineplex is obviously a really fun experience.

But it's not always fun if you have to wade through a massive crowd or be stuffed into seats surrounded by loud strangers.

So, to help you avoid the crowds on your next visit to Cineplex Canada, Narcity sat down with former employee Eric Bizzarri to get the skinny on when you should go.

Drawing on his many years of experience working at a Cineplex location in the Greater Toronto Area, Bizzarri has loads of advice on what days of the week are best for movie watching.

When is the best day and time to visit Cineplex in Canada?

If you like going to the Cineplex when it's less crowded, and are looking for the days and timings when you'll basically get the theatre to yourself, then Bizzarri has some advice for you.

"Monday and Wednesday," he says are when Cineplex is at its emptiest. "It's because there's nothing really happening on either of those days."

He went on to explain that Tuesdays are out because of all the deals typically held on the day and Thursdays are also busy as there are often advance screenings held on those days.

Obviously, the weekends are also busy as that's when most people are free.

If you want to get more specific, he added that "Monday and Wednesday afternoons" are when the cinemas are the least crowded, although any time during those days would be the ticket to a quieter movie screening.

What is the busiest day of the year to see a movie?

Meanwhile, if you're wondering if there's any day in the year you might want to avoid the theatre, Bizzarri has some advice for that too.

While you might think that the summer season has some of the busiest days for movie watching, the answer is that it's actually much later in the year — and it's around the holidays.

"Boxing Day itself is probably the busiest day [of the year]," said Bizzarri.

He recounted that one boxing day he worked there, there were roughly 15,000 entrants into the theatre — in one day!

"It was actually wild!"

So, the next time you're planning a night at the movies, you can visit during those less busy days to avoid rubbing elbows (or more) with your fellow moviegoers.

And if you want even more special treatment on those days, you can also check out the VIP experience which has loads of cool features.

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