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scams in canada

If you're increasingly worried about scams in Canada, you're not alone.

According to a new survey, more Canadians are worried about becoming a victim of cybercrime in the coming year.

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Anyone who has ever had a phone in Canada probably knows what it's like to receive a scam call.

Maybe it's someone calling to tell you that you're wanted for some major crime, that your SIN number has been compromised, or something even more bizarre.

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The RCMP is warning Albertans about a new ponzi scheme that has so far scammed victims out of almost $150,000.

The scam promises people high returns on investments by purchasing unpopular Amazon products to "drive popularity and increase consumer interest."

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A couple in B.C. lost almost $400,000 after they were convinced that they had won big in the lottery.

The couple was told that they had won $18.5 million in the lottery, plus a Mercedes-Benz car. As it turns out, they had not won anything and instead were scammed.

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