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Canadians who are waiting for passport services in Canada are being urged not to make fake travel plans just to speed up their applications.

Following months of delays and backlogs at Canadian passport offices, it seems some travellers have been booking fake trips or vacations — which they later cancel — in order to bump them to the front of the line.

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If you're among the many people struggling to renew your Canadian passport ahead of summer travel, the Service Canada location you visit could make a big difference.

It's no secret that Service Canada offices across the country have been struggling with a huge backlog when it comes to Canadian passport applications and renewals.

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The federal government has announced it will be implementing a triage system to alleviate "unacceptable" lineups, wait times and uncertainties around getting or renewing Canadian passports.

On June 23, Karina Gould, the minister of families, children and social development noted that she is "deeply concerned about the delivery of passport services to Canadians" and that improving it is a top government priority.

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The federal government is making changes so that Canadian passport applications and renewals can get done faster.

Employment and Social Development Canada announced on May 17 that the government is taking "additional steps" to deliver timely service now that wait times have increased because of the growing travel demand.

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