Here's How To Renew Your Canadian Passport & When You Should Think About Doing It

You may have to fork out over $160.👇✈️

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A hand holding two Canadian passports. Right: A busy airport terminal.

A hand holding two Canadian passports. Right: A busy airport terminal.

Thanks to a backlog at Service Canada locations across the country, renewing your Canadian passport may be a little more difficult than it was pre-pandemic.

For those wondering exactly how to renew a Canadian passport, it's actually pretty simple. However, you do need to be organized and ensure you leave enough time for your passport to be approved or renewed, particularly if you have an upcoming vacation abroad.

Recently, the feds made it easier to renew your passport by dropping the requirement to have a guarantor and the requirement to provide original documents like proof of citizenship or photo ID.

It means all you need now is two photos, two references and the completed application form.

The application form requires information like your existing passport number, the date it was issued and the date it expired.

You'll also need to cover any applicable fees. They range from $57 for a child's passport to $160 for a 10-year adult passport. There may be additional costs, depending on what services you’re getting and how you’re applying.

The feds say that the best way to avoid in-person wait times or being on hold for hours is to choose your method of application based on your location, the date you need your passport for and your reason for renewal.

You can answer a few questions online on the Government of Canada website to help you find the best way to proceed.

Those who need their passport in two business days or less are advised to visit a walk-in passport office, while those with more time should consider booking an appointment.

If you have 26 business days or more to spare, you can visit a Service Canada Centre or apply via mail.

It's possible to book an in-person appointment online.

It's worth keeping in mind that right now, thanks to a pandemic-related backlog, in-person wait times are extremely high.

Some Canadians have waited in line from the early hours of the morning to secure an appointment, while others have stood around waiting for hours and hours at a time.

"If the location is busy you may need to wait or they may ask you to come back another day," the feds warn.

Regardless of whether you have an upcoming vacation, it's a good idea to think ahead, as you could be left scrambling when you do need to use your passport.

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