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Vancouver is a metropolis with a lot of beautiful people in it, both inside and out - no one can really argue otherwise. With its laid back lifestyle and beauty, it is easy to fall in love with this city. But day to day, some Vancouverites can just drive you NUTS.

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We've got you covered for date night all year round. There are so many date ideas in Vancouver other than Netflix or your typical dinner at a restaurant. You won't be unsure what to do or bored in any of the seasons in Vancouver with this list!

Click on the red text to be linked to the details for each activity. 

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Your birthday is a time to celebrate another successful revolution around the sun and take full advantage of the special perks that come with turning a year older.

And by take full advantage we mean get all the free stuff (mostly food) you possibly can within your 24 hour window of opportunity.

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For those who call Vancouver home it’s pretty obvious that without even trying, it’s hands down the best city in Canada. But for those who have never been before, let me explain.

If Canada were a high school, Vancouver would definitely be that popular guy that everyone likes and it never seems to go to his head. He’s on all the sport’s teams, passionate about environmental issues and just so naturally beautiful it hurts.

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You're in your 20's, aka the best time of your life, perhaps only rivalled by the blissful days of childhood where naps, an allowance and recess were all that really mattered.

Still tip toeing around the perimeter of adult responsibility, your 20's are a time to make mistakes, take chances, and develop the confidence you'll eventually need to figure your shit out. And what better place to take full advantage of these limited years of freedom than Vancouver?

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