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There’s no question about it: Toronto just does the holiday season right. Spontaneous hot chocolate dates, frosty walks and cozy meals enjoyed fireside — there are plenty of little ways to celebrate in this sparkling city.

This year, Destination Toronto wants you and your people to collect some magical experiences together. And that’s pretty easy to do in a place like the 6ix; something about the chilly time of year turns Toronto into a wonderland.

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The cold weather may be a fear-instilling part of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this time of year. Romanticize your own life by visiting a region in Quebec with snowcapped vistas that could put any Hallmark movie to shame.

With proximity to the St. Lawrence River, La Malbaie is full of fun activities for the whole crew, but everyone — every sun sign — experiences winter differently.

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For a truly one-of-a-kind experience in Canada, why not spend a night among wolves?

At Quebec's Parc Omega, you can book a "Wolf Cabin" where you can spend a night getting to know the pack.

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How are you? Like, seriously.

It's a difficult time. With the dismal winter weather conditions and few opportunities for safe social interaction, it can be hard to find breaks for positivity. You may be feeling a little down — and you're not alone.

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With all the scenic landscapes that Canada has on offer, spending time outdoors never fails to bring a sense of magic into your life (and your Instagram feed).

Come winter, all it takes is a fresh blanket of snow to transform picturesque forests and cobblestone streets into a sparkling wonderland.

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