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This Canadian Company Offers The Largest Selection of Cannabis Drinks

From tonics to sparkling beverages!
This Canadian Company Offers The Largest Selection of Cannabis Drinks

Since the approval of cannabis edibles and extracts in Canadian markets just over a year ago, the category of cannabis beverages has exploded almost overnight. Everything from THC-infused iced teas to CBD waters are popping up on the market.

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for your canna-curious friends of legal age, a new tradition, or just something to complement your chill-out time, cannabis beverages might be an interesting option for those who want it.

Truss Beverage Co. — a joint venture between Canadian cannabis producer HEXO Corp. and beverage giant Molson Coors Canada — offers consistent doses in a variety of flavours and potency levels.  

Backed by 150 years of beverage experience and proudly made in Belleville, Ontario, Truss is committed to providing cannabis-infused beverages that taste great. 

houseofterpenes | Instagram

From tonics made with botanically sourced terpenes (piqued your interest?) to sparkling beverages bursting with flavour and other bevvies with a twist on the familiar, Truss offers a range of low-dose (2.5 mg THC + CBD or CBD dominant), medium-dose (5 mg THC + CBD) and high-dose (10 mg THC) beverages that are available at authorized cannabis retailers.

For Canadians who wish to experience cannabis, but have been avoiding it because they don't want to smoke or deal with the smell on their clothes, cannabis beverages could provide a good alternative.  

The majority of Truss’s lineup is made up of beverages with 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD at low-dose (2.5 mg THC + 2.5 mg CBD) and medium-dose (5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD) potencies.

But for anyone of legal age starting to explore cannabis beverages for the first time this season, Truss has one big piece of advice before you begin: start low and sip slow. They even have a helpful tool to help you separate drinks that are high, medium, or low dose so you can find the one that works for you.

Veryvell sparkling water comes in two flavours: Strawberry Hibiscus and Sicilian Lemon, each dosed with 15 mg of CBD and just 0.5 mg of THC. Think of it as something you might have on Sundays after a park stroll or while relaxing by a fireplace. 

For a balanced mix (2.5 mg THC + 2.5 mg CBD), Veryvell offers a canned Lemon Black Iced Tea too.

You'll find the same 1:1 CBD to THC ratio with Little Victory, which offers beverages with flavours that have a slight tannic mouthfeel like Dry Grapefruit and Dry Lemon as well as beverages with perkier flavours such as Sparkling Dark Cherry and Blood Orange.

These are best served over ice and with a fruit garnish for that extra touch.

littlevictorybeverages | Instagram

If you’re after something that has a crisp, lightly hopped, and easy-drinking taste — meet Mollo.

Available in low and medium doses (2.5 mg THC + CBD, 5 mg THC + CBD), it can be popped open and served in a chilled glass.

Mollo is made for enjoying with friends (of legal age), like during a holiday movie marathon or while watching the game.

mollo_out | Instagram

House of Terpenes sparkling tonics come in a medium dose (5 mg THC + 5 mg CBD) and feature botanically sourced flavours. Myrcene has holiday-esque notes of tarragon, orange peel, clove and cinnamon while Limonene offers notes of lemon, tangerine and thyme.

These sparkling tonics are a great complement to in-person or virtual dinners this holiday season.

Truss also has a range of boldly flavoured beverages called XMG. The potency is high (it has the max of 10 mg THC per can), so sip responsibly; XMG is for more experienced cannabis consumers.

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them comes the opportunity to indulge in a little merriment, but remember: everyone’s experience and relationship with cannabis will be a personal one.

For a safe and enjoyable experience, always start low, sip slow and make a note of your journey, adjusting as you feel necessary. One way you can start low is to split a serving with a friend. Make sure not to mix with alcohol either. 

Check out the Truss website to see where you can find their products at authorized cannabis retailers near you or online provincial wholesalers. One of the perks of visiting a dedicated retailer is that they've got experts ("Budtenders") that focus only on cannabis products, so they know their stuff. 

Many cannabis retailers have websites with helpful information on their products and let you reserve for curbside pick-up. If you're shopping this holiday season, consider supporting retailers and local shops in your neighbourhood.

Happy (responsible) sipping!

To explore these products, head to the Truss Beverage Co. website or check out their Instagram for more info.

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