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6 Times VanVleet Expressed His Undying Love For Toronto & We Returned The Favour

Fred is officially a free agent.
Toronto Staff Writer
6 Times VanVleet Expressed His Undying Love For Toronto & We Returned The Favour

Raptors fans are waiting to see if Fred VanVleet will be signing back on with the Toronto Raptors.

The star, who has become an icon for the 6ix, became a free agent at the end of the season.

However, hopes are high that he will stay in the 6ix, considering all of the undying love he has given the city in the past. 

His bromance with Pascal Siakam, adorably Canadian family life, and spooky resemblance to Drake are just a few of the factors that would make his departure a sad day for the city.

Here are some times that VanVleet has expressed just how much he is obsessed with Toronto. 

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That time Freddie said in a perfect world he would re-sign with Toronto in 2020.

Fred made it clear last year that he would be looking to re-sign with the Raptors when he became a free agent.

"This organization knows how I feel about this place. So in a perfect world, we know what would happen," he said during an appearance on Tim & Sid.

He said that he knows how good he's got it in the 6ix.

VanVleet got candid earlier this year about how fortunate he feels to be part of Canada's only NBA team.

"I think we all understand just how good we've got it here," he said at the time.

He considers Canada his second home.

VanVleet revealed last year just how much Toronto and Canada feel like a home to him.

"I definitely could see myself living here for a long, long time. Canada is really like a second home for us," Fred said.

His daughter is Canadian, and he feels like an honorary citizen himself. 

Not only is Fred's daughter a dual citizen, but the 26-year-old said during an Elle interview that he and his partner feel personally adopted by the city.

Even his coach has said that he would be surprised if VanVleet left the team.

Nick Nurse said during an appearance on Tim & Sid last month that he would be "pretty surprise" to see Freddie leave Toronto for another team in 2020.

The city is already starting to campaign for him to stick around.

The city has always had a soft spot for VanVleet, and now some are trying to get him to stay.

Pai, one of Toronto's most acclaimed Thai restaurants, is offering Vanvleet free food life if he decides to stay with the Raptors.

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