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It's fun to watch other people buy and sell homes on TV but it's quite stressful when you do it IRL.

Properly is a real restate technology company based in Toronto that's hoping to make homeownership an easier journey for Canadians.

They currently operate in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary only.

If you're looking to sell your place, you can get a free estimate on their website. You can immediately find out how much your home is worth before you list it. After all, your home is your biggest asset so you want to be prepared.

Alternatively, you can use this tool to see what the house you want is really worth! It can help when you're thinking of putting in an offer. You can also track it over time if you're not ready to make a move just yet.

The company also offers this thing called Sale Assurance so you can buy, move and THEN sell your old home rather than moving into a temporary space while you try and sell. That just leads to headaches—not to mention extra boxes to pack and unpack!

Now, you don't have to lose out on your dream home and feel pressured to sell first.

To learn more about Properly's buying and selling services, visit their website.