Popular Toronto Restaurants Are Expanding Their Delivery Zone Thanks To A New Kitchen Hub

Chubby's Jamaican Kitchen and PAI are coming to midtown.🥘🍰

New Toronto Kitchen Hub in Midtown, Cabano's Comfort food, right: salad, cheesy fries and spring rolls from multiple restaurants
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It's an all too familiar situation; a group of you are ordering takeout and you just cannot agree on what to order. One friend wants a burger and fries, another is craving Jamaican patties and another wants to skip to cheesecake for dessert.

Canada's first virtual food hall, Kitchen Hub, lets you order from a bunch of different Toronto restaurants in one go. They are opening a new Midtown location as of March 2, so you don't need to live in downtown Toronto to be able to order food from popular spots.

"What makes Kitchen Hub Castlefield different from our two existing locations (Queensway and Parliament), is that we had the opportunity to evolve our existing design model by custom-building the interior of the space to ensure we're giving customers the best experience possible. As well, with thirteen kitchens, Castlefield is significantly larger than our other two locations," CEO Adam Armeland said.

If you're thinking of pad thai with a side of pizza and both cookies and cupcakes for dessert, why not order it all? Treat yourself, you deserve it. Cabano's Comfort Food, Impact Kitchen, Greenhouse Juice Co., The Cheesecake Factory Bakery and Le Dolci Bakery restaurants will all be available to order together as of opening day, along with unique snacks and treats.

Throughout the month of March, more Toronto restaurants like Gusto 101, PAI Northern Thai Kitchen, Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, and Chatime, will be added to the food hall for ordering. While this is their third Toronto location, they plan on opening three more locations this year and fifty locations across Canada over the next five years.

It's easy to go online and mix and match your favourite dishes in one order. You can choose to have your meals delivered or made for pickup.

Kitchen Hub

Cuisine: Multiple restaurants

Address: 1121 Castlefield Ave., York, ON

Why You Need To Go: It's the virtual food hall's third and newest location. As of March 2, you can order from a number of your favourite restaurants from across the city all at once.


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