As Ontario calls for stricter border measures, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau maintains that travel-related COVID-19 cases in Canada are "extremely low."

In a press conference, the PM responded to Ontario's call for international students to be banned from entering Canada, saying that current measures are already working but he would continue working with the provinces.

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"We know that importation through the borders is extremely low in terms of cases in the country," Trudeau said. "It's not zero, but we also know that at the border there are a series of tests, there is a mandatory enforced two-week quarantine that has been effective in controlling the importation of cases and making them not the primary vector for new cases in this country."

According to detailed reports provided for over 1.1 million cases of COVID-19 in Canada, only 0.8% of them are related to travel outside of the country and 0.7% are from contact with a traveller.

Nonetheless, Trudeau said he would be happy to continue discussing stronger measures moving forward.